New at Emma Makes – last update before Christmas

Today I did a bit of stocking up my online shop. Here’s what’s new:


Cotton and muslin doggy bag


Chevron and gold purse


Chocolate brown wooden heart pegs


Mama Tried lyric notebook


Strawberry gift bags – 10 packs


Rose wash bag

Orange doily wash bag


Red spot wash bag


Vintage green flora + mint stripe vintage wood handled bag


Small vintage peach wood handled bag


Purple floral and cotton check wood handled bag


Blue and white stripe and vintage rose bag


Sailing bag


Green tourist big bag

My online shop is open right until Christmas – last orders will be couriered on Monday, 23 December – that means you can shop right up until Sunday, 22 December.


Planning a manageable Christmas menu #stressfreechristmas

When we were kids Christmas was huge – heaps of food – heaps of work and then we’d all stuff ourselves and sleep through the afternoon.

As I got older I realised there are different options and a couple of times (when we’re home) Tom and I have planned a Christmas menu and served a plated meal. It means more manageable portions, buying quality over quantity, fewer leftovers, and I find it much more exciting to cook a few special things.

Here’s a couple of sample menus that you could use.

Menu one
Light spinach soup with basil and dill
Fresh bread

Main course
Smoked salmon
Roast lamb
New potatoes with mint
Grilled asparagus
Green salad
Fresh bread

Fruit salad
Summer berries
Vanilla bean ice cream

Image via Pinterest

Menu two

Vietnamese spring rolls with duck

Pea and rocket – recipe will be tomorrow’s blog post

Roast lamb with fresh homemade bread and green salad

Individual brown sugar Pavlovas with Greek yoghurt and lemoncello-soaked berries*

*Lemoncello soaked berries are the best. Make or buy lemoncello, put berries in a bowl, cover with lemoncello, leave for a couple of days. They’re REALLY potent and brilliant. If you do raspberries then you can add those to the bottom of  a glass of bubbles too.

Image via Pinterest

Decorating made simple #stressfreechristmas

Sometimes you stumble across the most brilliantly simple idea and it stops you in your tracks. That’s what this idea did to me. A large vase, Christmas baubles and some fairy lights and voilà!

You’ve got yourself a mesmerising masterpiece that:

  1. Won’t cost you the earth
  2. Already has the bits and pieces needed to create it just lying around, and
  3. Looks stunning.

Happy holidays!

Hard to Shop For? #stressfreechristmas

With the season of giving upon us, sometimes it can get so overwhelming trying to find the right gift for the right person. We wind ourselves up searching high and low for something just right and the end result always turns out to be the same. We find ourselves in a tail spin and we purchase something that really isn’t what we had in mind at all.

Why not remove the hassle of it all and invest in a gift card!

They’re perfect for all budgets and gives the receiver the freedom to purchase something to their tastes, taking all the guess work out of it for you. You can purchase a gift card from Emma Makes starting from just $10.00.

Take the stress out of gift shopping.

How to make Christmas shopping enjoyable #stressfreechristmas

I really hate the stress that’s often associated with Christmas shopping – the pushing and shoving, the crying kids, the frantic rushing.

This year you can do it differently if you shop at my studio shop in Featherston.

Get a group together, shop at your leisure then enjoy tea and homemade cake under the walnut tree with your friends. I’ll put on cups of tea in vintage teacups and bake you a whole fresh cake.

This special offer is open before Christmas 2013 for groups of six or more people wanting to shop for Christmas.

A $50 booking fee is required, which is redeemable on merchandise on the day. Get in touch at and we can talk about what suits you. Days that are currently open for bookings are:

Sunday 15 December
Saturday 21 December
Sunday 22 December

Pastel stuffed kittens – limited online sale

I have a very small range of my stuffed kitten toys for sale – just in pastel colours and just until Friday 5pm. These are always super popular with kids and make great baby presents. They seem to be equally popular with adult women.









Each kitten is $25 + $5 courier (for one) or $7 for two. To buy, email me at and let me know which ‘letter’ you’d like then we can sort out payment and address details.



An easy Christmas wreath #stressfreechristmas

I really like to make a Christmas wreath at Christmas time and was spurred on to make this early one by some great black ribbon that came as part of a present.

wreath-oneHere’s how I made an easy wreath that cost me nothing. I’ve had this wooden cane wreath for years – I can’t remember where I got it but you should be able to easily find one at a florist, Spotlight or Trade Me if you don’t want to make one yourself.

First up I hooked the ribbon over the bottom of the wreath. I’ve already added a string loop at the top that acts as a hook so if this is your first wreath do that now.

wreath-twoI decided to use bay leaves in my wreath because I like the look of them and because we have a bay tree so they were free. Over time they’ll also dry and I can reuse them in the kitchen.

wreath-threeI like to keep things easy so don’t wire the leaves in or try and keep them alive over time. I just poked the leaves in amongst the cane and they held nicely. I sat the wreath up on my legs while I worked so I could see how it would look when finished.

wreath-fourI used about double the bay leaves I initially picked – I think it’s always best to pick less and get more if you need them then you’re not wasting. I bet if you don’t have a bay tree that a friend will so you could ask them for some leaves?

wreath-fiveAll up the wreath only took about 10 minutes to make. I tied a bow in the ribbon and it’s now hanging happily on the front door.