First Flutter Fine Art Print

Did you know that here at Emma Makes you can purchase original art?

This is just one of the limited edition fine art prints available. 300 x 300m paper, woodcut, acrylic paint and pencil.

The prints are entirely handmade – from initial sketches, to cutting the print blocks, to printing. There is no machinery involved. These are only limited editions with nine of each print being available. Grab one today from the Emma Makes store.


An easy Christmas wreath #stressfreechristmas

I really like to make a Christmas wreath at Christmas time and was spurred on to make this early one by some great black ribbon that came as part of a present.

wreath-oneHere’s how I made an easy wreath that cost me nothing. I’ve had this wooden cane wreath for years – I can’t remember where I got it but you should be able to easily find one at a florist, Spotlight or Trade Me if you don’t want to make one yourself.

First up I hooked the ribbon over the bottom of the wreath. I’ve already added a string loop at the top that acts as a hook so if this is your first wreath do that now.

wreath-twoI decided to use bay leaves in my wreath because I like the look of them and because we have a bay tree so they were free. Over time they’ll also dry and I can reuse them in the kitchen.

wreath-threeI like to keep things easy so don’t wire the leaves in or try and keep them alive over time. I just poked the leaves in amongst the cane and they held nicely. I sat the wreath up on my legs while I worked so I could see how it would look when finished.

wreath-fourI used about double the bay leaves I initially picked – I think it’s always best to pick less and get more if you need them then you’re not wasting. I bet if you don’t have a bay tree that a friend will so you could ask them for some leaves?

wreath-fiveAll up the wreath only took about 10 minutes to make. I tied a bow in the ribbon and it’s now hanging happily on the front door.



Over the weekend I’ve been making a stack of new, brightly coloured purses. I’ve got endless fabric in my studio in small amounts and a whole biscuit tin filled with ric-rac so I’ve been working on using those together to make bright, interesting patterned purses.

I’ll post photos on my Facebook page once they’re done so you can see them. There’s lots of one-offs, some which will go into my online store and some which will come to fairs closer to Christmas. As always, just email me at if you spot something you don’t want to wait for.





purse-4If you did your Christmas lists today then well done. Purses are a good gift for women in your life – either on their own (the purse, not the woman) or filled with lollies, with a notebook, with some pencils, with a piece of soap, filled with favourite recipes written on pieces of paper. I personally keep my drill bits in a purse but I know that’s a bit weird.

I’m making new bags – progress shots

This week I have a week off between my old job and new job so am spending some time stockpiling and also finishing up some new Emma Makes bags. Here’s some progress shots – I plan to load some of the finished bags into my online shop in the next day or two. There’s also heaps for sale online already.

Here’s some progress shots…

Various bags all pinned and ready to sew.

Big bag style – rose and polka dot lining with grey blanket on the outside. The outside also has a red blanket stitch detail around the top. Internal pocket topped in red ric-rac.

Big bag style – pink wool printed with a white skull pattern. Topped and lined in polka dots. Internal pocket topped with blue ric-rac.

Pixie bags – many with leather handles. Mostly wool, some floral cottons. Dark colours and light, bright colours.

Two more green textured pixie bags – with apple lining. One with rainbow handles, one with green leather handles.

A new velvet pixie bag for me for work. There was fabric left over so I’m making two more to sell – they’ll have leather handles and are lined with white cotton.

If you see anything you like I’m happy to let you know once I list it online. Email me at with the subject line ‘bag alert’ and I’ll email you once it’s in my shop – before I share it elsewhere.

Working in miniature – a story of hand cramp

Part of my collaboration with Tiny Eyes is to make tiny Emma Makes accessories for the doll I’m designing. That’s been in the back of my mind and on Saturday night I made a start.

With the fire on I hunkered into my end of the couch to hand sew some tiny versions of Emma Makes products. I began by making a tiny version of an Emma Makes stuffed kitten toy. I had to sketch out a couple of patterns until I had one that was tiny but not so tiny that it couldn’t be sewn.

Then I gave myself hand cramp hand-stitching a tiny little kitten face. The photo below is the tiny kitten felt face in my hand.

After that I had a dismal attempt at making the full, stuffed kitten; it looked like a blob with no legs. Tom was kind but I knew I had to start again. I didn’t take a photo of the blob because nobody needs to see that.

Here’s my finished kitten… with fingers for scale:

After making the kitten I made a tiny pixie bag. However, the scale is totally off so I’m going to remake this one too.

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Imagining my Tiny Eyes doll

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my Tiny Eyes collaboration – in between thinking about my new Autumn bags and purses, next year’s trip to Japan and how I should read more books.

It’s a hard thing creating a doll inspired by your brand. First I just wanted to dress it like me. Then I wanted to dress it in the clothes I’d wear if I was entirely different (for example, short shorts in a world where I had long, thin legs)…

To gather my thoughts together I decided to create an Emma Makes for Tiny Eyes Pinterest mood board where I could slowly add things that appealed until some clear themes emerged. Here’s a few highlights below and you can also see my whole board on Pinterest.


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