Table dressing ideas #stressfreechristmas

For any occasion I like to dress our table and Christmas is no exception. I like to keep it pretty simple because to my mind Christmas should be pretty but also relaxed – I don’t want to be sitting at a table that is so formal or precious that I’m scared to move.

Right now I’m in denial about the weather forecast and hope to sit outside under the walnut tree. I’m going to wrap our table in paper and have a big jar of roses and hydrangeas, which are both plentiful in our garden.

I also love the look of the spotty paper in this dinner party and think kraft (brown) paper looks brilliant with white and green.

When I’m at Mum’s house for Christmas I almost always dress the table in garden foliage. Mum has an amazing garden so I haul in ivy and other creepers, some fresh flowers and anything else that looks good and drape them down the middle of the table. Easy, quick, unfussy.

If you’d like more inspiration for the wild flower look then Saipua is a brilliant blog to read.

All images via Pinterest.


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