Free gift wrapping all the time at Emma Makes #stressfreechristmas


One of the best ways to cut down Christmas tasks is to get your gifts wrapped when you buy them – that’s problematic for a control freak like me though and I’ve often been known to re-wrap things when I get home because they’re not good enough.

At Emma Makes gift wrapping is always free – you just need to ask for it at checkout. I’m great at gift wrapping (the secret is double-sided tape and good taste).


This year I’m using a black and white stripe gloss paper and a kraft paper with white spots. Add to that an array of washi tape and ribbons in lots of colours and I can do something great and special for you pretty easily.


If you like to wrap yourself then I’ve also got wrapping supplies in my shop:

Doilies – white and heart

Heart pegs

Double-sided tape (the best thing you can use for great wrapping)

Bakers twine



One thought on “Free gift wrapping all the time at Emma Makes #stressfreechristmas

  1. So knew I forgot to request gift wrapping at checkout at my last order…my recipient is going to have to put up with my gift wrapping… poor them!

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