Planning a great tree #stressfreechristmas

I’ve been thinking about our Christmas tree lately…

We’re staying at home this year, which means we can visit my favourite place – the Christmas tree farm down the road. I love roaming around the different types of trees then picking one for our house. And each time it’s the same routine – I picture the perfect little tree then fall in love and come home with a skyscraper.

Years ago I worked with someone who set a decorating theme each year. At the time I thought that was  a bit high-maintenance but over time it’s come to make sense. I like to see a lot of tree and keeping it simple lets you do that relatively cheaply. One year I cut bird silhouettes from white card and tied them on with white ribbon. Another I just did various colours of tinsel.

This year I think I’ll do lights, ribbon and baubles. But I’m not set on what colour…

What do you think?

Then again I really love this simple tree in a basket.

How’s your stress free Christmas going? I’ve got 90% of my presents sorted and 90% of my Christmas cards written and sent. I decided to send one to all my stockists this year, which was a big job and now just a few friends remain to be written to.

We’ve pretty much sketched out the menu and I have ideas for wrapping presents.

Now all that’s left is some proper decorating, which I plan to do this weekend.


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