Planning a manageable Christmas menu #stressfreechristmas

When we were kids Christmas was huge – heaps of food – heaps of work and then we’d all stuff ourselves and sleep through the afternoon.

As I got older I realised there are different options and a couple of times (when we’re home) Tom and I have planned a Christmas menu and served a plated meal. It means more manageable portions, buying quality over quantity, fewer leftovers, and I find it much more exciting to cook a few special things.

Here’s a couple of sample menus that you could use.

Menu one
Light spinach soup with basil and dill
Fresh bread

Main course
Smoked salmon
Roast lamb
New potatoes with mint
Grilled asparagus
Green salad
Fresh bread

Fruit salad
Summer berries
Vanilla bean ice cream

Image via Pinterest

Menu two

Vietnamese spring rolls with duck

Pea and rocket – recipe will be tomorrow’s blog post

Roast lamb with fresh homemade bread and green salad

Individual brown sugar Pavlovas with Greek yoghurt and lemoncello-soaked berries*

*Lemoncello soaked berries are the best. Make or buy lemoncello, put berries in a bowl, cover with lemoncello, leave for a couple of days. They’re REALLY potent and brilliant. If you do raspberries then you can add those to the bottom of  a glass of bubbles too.

Image via Pinterest


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