An easy Christmas wreath #stressfreechristmas

I really like to make a Christmas wreath at Christmas time and was spurred on to make this early one by some great black ribbon that came as part of a present.

wreath-oneHere’s how I made an easy wreath that cost me nothing. I’ve had this wooden cane wreath for years – I can’t remember where I got it but you should be able to easily find one at a florist, Spotlight or Trade Me if you don’t want to make one yourself.

First up I hooked the ribbon over the bottom of the wreath. I’ve already added a string loop at the top that acts as a hook so if this is your first wreath do that now.

wreath-twoI decided to use bay leaves in my wreath because I like the look of them and because we have a bay tree so they were free. Over time they’ll also dry and I can reuse them in the kitchen.

wreath-threeI like to keep things easy so don’t wire the leaves in or try and keep them alive over time. I just poked the leaves in amongst the cane and they held nicely. I sat the wreath up on my legs while I worked so I could see how it would look when finished.

wreath-fourI used about double the bay leaves I initially picked – I think it’s always best to pick less and get more if you need them then you’re not wasting. I bet if you don’t have a bay tree that a friend will so you could ask them for some leaves?

wreath-fiveAll up the wreath only took about 10 minutes to make. I tied a bow in the ribbon and it’s now hanging happily on the front door.



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