Create a romantic summer afternoon


Make your backyard somewhere special.

It’s super easy to make ordinary things extraordinary with a few great props. I think sometimes when we’re busy we focus on other people so it’s occasionally good to just take the time to make something really nice for yourself and this is super easy. Here I’ve set up a relaxing afternoon in the back yard with the help of some Emma Makes products. First, take one blanket: these are easy to find in op-shops although it pays to search for the really good colours and patterns.

Next, top with lots of big cushions – you can use them inside on your couch then pile them all up on the lawn for a comfy afternoon. Find cushions online.

I always like to have lots to read – good books are stacked up by my bed waiting to be read. And I like magazines for mainly looking at the pictures. Oh and a notebook and pencils nearby because once I’m relaxing great ideas flow like water and it pays to note them down.


A notebook and pencils are a must over summer – once my brain relaxes ideas come thick and fast.


Always have good books on hand – I buy mine at independent book shops.


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