Relax, don’t do it #stressfreechristmas

Part of having a stress free Christmas is knowing how to relax once stress creeps in.

For me, it’s unrealistic if I’m stressed or anxious to stop cold turkey and relax. Instead I like to make a really big detailed list (because then everything is out of my head) and just stop for a short period of time with a cup of tea.

I recently went to a foraging workshop  and learnt about lavender tea. I don’t know about you but the idea turned me off – I thought of those overly powerful lavender beauty products and thought the taste would be strong and soapy. Boy was I wrong.

Adding the heads of some lavender to boiling water makes a very subtle but relaxing lavender-coloured brew. I found the short period of time sipping and staring into space was enough to be calm and relax.

Other great herbal teas that you can grow at home include mint, lemon verbena and kawakawa. Natural teas are subtle and delicious and much more special than their store-bought counterparts. Use the leaves or flowers straight from the garden – no need to dry them.


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