Creating a work/life balance #stressfreechristmas

The irony of today’s blog post is that I was going to write it on Tuesday but was too tired. I took a nap instead.

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A while back to wrote a post about my work/life balance and it’s something I often revisit. I know lots of people think I solely work on Emma Makes (I have a full time job too) and the internet can make everything seem so easy. Therefore today I thought I’d talk a bit about making things work and how I do that.

I find having good systems in place before busy periods (like Christmas) really helps.

My top tips for creating a work/life balance

  • Decide what makes you happy and content and do that. Most days I rate myself a 9 or 10/10 on the happiness scale and it’s not because I have the tidiest house, the best-paying job, the greatest fame or have slept as much as I’d like to.
  • Decide what’s important to you and do that. A friend recently said to me that I never go out to the pub when she invites me. I told her my craft label doesn’t run itself. For me, what’s important on a Saturday night is making things for Emma Makes and watching SVU.
  • Change your mindset from “I’m too busy” to “that’s not a priority for me” – although perhaps don’t say that to other people when you’re telling them why you can’t meet them for lunch.
  • Prioritise – at our house (for me) Tom, my husband, is always more important than craft, craft is almost always more important than housework. Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of the hierarchy.
  • Try not to compare yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy – I’ll admit this one is pretty hard!
  • Know how to get out of a rut. For me getting out of a rut often involves a detailed list, a good clean of the house and a bunch of flowers.
  • Under promise, over deliver.
  • Plan time for resting.
  • Plan time for the important people in your life. Sometimes if I’ve spent too many weekends sewing in the studio I plan for Tom and I to go out for a day (like to the beach). Going for a short walk together is also good (and free).
  • Eliminate negativity – I jealously guard my mind space, which can be hard when you spend a lot of time online and naturally over-think. I unfollow people on Twitter, hide Facebook friends that only whine and stop reading blogs I no longer care about.
  • Delegate stuff. You can’t be the best at everything so pay (or swap) with people that are. It’ll save hours of frustration – believe me.
  • Practice saying no.
  • Write down your best work/life balance so that you can refer back to it when you’re busy, tired or feeling overwhelmed.

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