The art of writing Christmas cards #stressfreechristmas

Today I wrote my Christmas card list because of all the Christmas tasks this is often the one I leave till last. I blame my mother who used to get me to write the family Christmas cards at home because she was always so busy.

I really appreciate getting snail mail so like to also send Christmas messages. However, I go for quality over quantity – I like to write a decent note rather than just sign my name in a card, which means I probably send to fewer people than you do.


Here’s the genius idea I’ve hatched this year to get the job done
I’m going to write a couple of cards each week and then wait until closer to Christmas to post them. Realistically, Christmas cards are pretty general so writing early won’t matter – I just need to remember to keep all the written ones in one place so I don’t lose them.

Here’s some tips about things you could write about:

  • A highlight of the year
  • Something you’re grateful for
  • Include a favourite Christmas recipe (maybe just a copy of that to save your handwriting hand)
  • Write about a nice memory from the year that you shared with your card recipient
  • A short, heartfelt wish for a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Many of my cards are likely to be Emma Makes native bird cards – not Christmasy but I think they’re nice and summery.


IMAGE: (Clockwise from left) Christmas cards from Emma Makes (available in my studio shop), berry decoration from Magnolia, Wellington, Emma Makes native birds cards, Christmas tags from The Dowse, Emma Makes pencils,


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