A meow of stuffed kittens

About this time of year I get into stockpiling mode – I’ve found that if I don’t start early things can easily get out of control; the orders roll in and I end up making stuff at 6am before I head off to work.

Not this year! I’ve just recently finished my stockpile of stuffed kittens – a super popular Emma Makes product that is only sold in a few places in New Zealand.

I begin by cutting out the kitten bodies from a variety of vintage blankets. Then I hand sew the faces onto felt and sew them onto the bodies.

Next up I stuff them all – there’s an art to this because I like them firm but not lumpy. I sew up their backsides, then give them button eyes.

I make them factory styles – doing each part of the process for all the cats together instead of finishing one cat then starting on another.


I have a basket of kittens in my studio shop and you’ll also find them in-store at:

  • The General Store, Christchurch
  • Made.it, Wellington
  • Lava Gallery, Akaroa

Nobody sells these online because they’re all one-offs but email me at emma.mccleary@gmail.com if you’d like more information or want to ask questions.

And here for novelty value is a mini kitten I made earlier this year as part of my Tiny Eyes collaboration.


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