Easy ways to be inspired

Thinking up new ideas and being inspired is wonderful but sometimes it’s also down right hard work.

Over the years I’ve found you can never force a new or good idea and the best ones come from putting good things into your mind so that creative, decent, workable ideas also come out.

When you’re watching other people’s good ideas (especially online) it all seems so easy. And it is if you set yourself up for success – here’s some tips on how to do that.

Image via Pinterest

  • Be inspired by a variety of mediums and materials – blogs, Facebook, magazines, visiting exhibitions, roaming around the fabric shop, visits to the library, a walk in the garden, sitting alone thinking.
  • Don’t try and get inspired by other people in your field – you’ll either end up frustrated or unknowingly copy them in your own work.
  • Sit with a notebook and make lists – you’ll be surprised once you pick a topic how quickly ideas flood out of you once you start writing. Write everything and anything at first because you can always edit that later.
  • Use Pinterest – I love cataloguing my thoughts visually and have lots of boards for various things, which you can see here. Pinterest is also a great way of recording things that have sold.
  • Talk it out. Often when I’ve got half way through an idea I’ll talk it over with Tom, my husband. He’s not crafty but knows me well and has regularly thought up a left-field solution that works brilliantly.

More on work/life balance and where good ideas come from.

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4 thoughts on “Easy ways to be inspired

  1. Such good advice, yes having a notebook for jotting down ideas is so important…and I find that the memo function on my phone gets filled up with all sorts of weird half-formed ideas to remember later!

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