Emma Makes joins Society 6

Before I sold my sewing and crafts as Emma Makes, my creative outlet was as a printmaker. In fact, I’m trained as a Fine Art Printmaker and over the years have developed lots of prints and paintings based on the idea of wallpaper capturing memories.

I’ve always created my designs the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper, cutting woodblocks and then printing them by hand (I don’t have a press). However, I recently paired up with my brother’s girlfriend (a graphic designer) who turned a couple of my designs (ones that haven’t been sold through my dealer gallery) into digital files – yay!

I’m planning to produce notebooks of these designs too but for now have loaded up some options up onto Society 6 so you can order prints (I prefer to call them reproductions), iPhone cases, cards and stretched canvases. I’m hoping to add tote bags and cushions to the mix too soon.

See my Society 6 shop.

This is seriously one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done and can’t thank Becca enough for her work.

Meet me in 1953 iPhone case

Californian Quail and home-grown sage – greeting card


11 thoughts on “Emma Makes joins Society 6

  1. I have bought one of the 1953 iphone cases! Can’t wait to see it. Especially love the name of the print, it is so evocative. Note evocative, not provocative… not to be confused!

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