A new website for Emma Makes

One of the things I wanted to do this year was build a new Emma Makes website and slowly over the holidays I did just that. I’ve now listed everything that was in my Felt shop in a cleaner, more organised format.

In addition to my handmade lines my new online store will offer great packaging and gift-wrapping supplies, pretty ribbons for wrapping or sewing and beautiful things for creating lasting experiences with friends.

Find what you want easily
My new online store lets you find what you want more easily – everything is grouped into themes and like products.

New stock is coming soon
Much more stock will be added to the site between now and mid-February including items for Valentine’s Day.

Be rewarded for loyalty
I can now more easily see who returns to Emma Makes and reward those customers for their loyalty – so bookmark the new site now.

Find me on Facebook
If you’re on Facebook, like the Emma Makes page for the latest updates and photos in your feed. That’s also a great place to ask questions.



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