A Christmas giving project

I like to give things and so when I recently saw that Dee was running a programme to give handmade dolls to kids in need I asked to join in. Read about that here.

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon doing some hand-sewing, getting my kittens ready for their new homes – they’re all going to children with medical issues that mean several trips to hospital and time away from home and family. Lots of these kids are really young so I hope their new kittens will keep them brave or at least offer some comfort.

In the bustle of Christmas as we prepare gifts and shop and go to well- catered Christmas parties I think it’s worthwhile to take time to consider those who need a hand up. If you’re ever going to give then now is a good time – a donation, a tin for the Foodbank at the supermarket, some home-baking for someone you know has had a rough year.

It’s not hard. But call it giving, not giving back because the world doesn’t owe you anything.


Four kittens off to their new homes – I tied ribbons around their tails so they’re extra cute.


I hand-sewed a little pocket on the back of each kitten so secret notes can be left for each child by friends or parents.


I wrote some little notes to put in the pockets.

P.S. If you’re coming to the Craft Country Fair this Saturday then an easy way to give is to bring a can for the local Foodbank – we’ll have a collection point at the door.


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