Add Emma Makes blog to your reader

Welcome to my new Emma Makes blog – this is a change in the way I communicate with friends and fans because I’ve realised that my Facebook page (while lovely) isn’t working as I want it to.

Facebook is becoming increasingly commercial – wanting payment to promote posts and status updates, payment for promotions and payment to ensure all your fans see what you’re posting. I’m not against using Facebook as an advertiser but as a small (micro) business, it’s seeming increasingly difficult to clearly communicate and promote to fans without spending a good chunk of change.

So I’ve set up this blog, which will be entirely Emma Makes, sewing, craft, insider tips and design inspiration. I’ll still post to my Facebook page too (although to guarantee you see everything add me to your feed reader).

The key points

  • This blog is all about Emma Makes and craft
  • This blog is in addition to me Small Town Stories blog – nothings changing over there
  • Add this to your reader – my preference of reader is Bloglovin
  • Tell some other folks because I doubt most of my Facebook fans will see the announcement I post over there
  • This blog is linked to Twitter so if you follow me there then you’ll see what’s happening
  • I’m not cutting off my Facebook page (that would be crazy), just setting up so I’ve got a back-up plan for when Facebook falls.

The bribe to get readers

  • Add Emma Makes blog to your reader and I’ll give you 20% off in the Emma Makes shop until 1 November 2012. Just enter the code NEWBLOG at checkout and it will be automatically applied.


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